19 August 2014


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In order to achieve something, the majority of interactions between people were performed within the perspective of the East vs. the West, according the language of control, within the circumference of the most familiar.  Encounters between Northern and Southern Mediterranean countries; the Eastern and Western Roman Empire; Christendom and Islam; and Europe and Ottoman Empire (   http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/07/15-maps-that-dont-explain-the-middle-east-at-all/375350/    ) reflect the conflict between the Natives of the Americas and the conquistadors and settlers.  The Natives of the Americas exhibited behavioral patterns that were long abandoned by European heirs, which altered the general perception of the social domain.  It is almost impossible to live without the use of accessories, in the same way that one would use a tool, or any other item of advanced technology.  Nobles were responsible for governing and reporting back to the reigning monarch, whose authority was branched out through their court.  The present form of government in the United States functions in the same way, except under much more limited terms and means.  Today, one can fly to Paris and purchase an Haute Couture garment(s), which is an item that no other person, out of the planet’s 7 billion population can afford.  The invention of the bourgeois lifestyle made it possible for people to promptly appreciate the lifestyle that remaining royalty and their consistent circles were already enjoying.  Due to the lack of access to such vigorous living, cinema, television, and the moving image were made to the extent that the common person could have access to categories and alternatives.  The developments occurred inherently from the problems that appeared when living on dynamic landscapes.  Contemporary social structures clearly identify the desire to create liberty within contemporary governance.  A person of lighter skin’s first encounter with people of darker skin had a significant effect on subsequent relations between the two.  Some of the most “inferior” people fled from Europe, in order to challenge their former inferiority, by assuming new authority in the Americas.  Racial relations have become challenging today, because the continuance of segregation from certain assets remains unjustified and unsettled.  Some people do indeed have proof of their right of absence from slavery, because some of their families may have already done so, at some point in European history.  Structural futures were imposed on living and the livelihood of the Americas, other than the original ones.

(This was written in response to the following: http://tressiemc.com/2013/10/29/the-logic-of-stupid-poor-people/ )

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Costume design in The Craft (1996) by Deborah Everton


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Dystopia Rising: I was murdered in the woods of New Jersey
A larp at the end of the world
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