The many colors of Big Sur.Photography: Olivia Rae James


The many colors of Big Sur.

Photography: Olivia Rae James

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Mark Rothko. Born: September 25, 1903

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Cyber Sex


Cyber Sex

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"The nerve of this new war is memory, said Roman. To win, we’re going to delete our memories, they said. Erase everything. Erase everything immediately and from day one, and without missing a beat. Nothing should remain in your mind. Blank pages. Your mind reduced to blank pages without missing a beat, they basically tell us. No evidence, not a fragment, not a trace, nothing of what actually took place must resist our plunge into collective amnesia. Nothing. Act as if nothing had ever happened, and that’s an order. Blank pages, your minds are blank pages, they tell us. They wrecked everything, and amassed the ruins, they spared literally nothing, and now they want all that erased, immediately and from day one."

Oliver Rohe, Origin Unknown
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